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We are a small business made up of just 2 friends....Sue is a very talented artist and loves abstract art, while I, Nina, found 'my thing' in resin pouring - even if it sometimes goes straight in the bin! We both had friends asking to buy our items, so in November 2020 we started up our online shop. We make everything ourselves (not the mugs, making them would be way too much effort, but we do print them ourselves), we paint it, stick it, pour it, pack it and we post it. We even made this website..... Thanks for stopping to look at our stuff.....we did a little jig when our page view count went up...and when you buy something we text each other immediately saying 'Cha-Chiiiing'!!! So have a browse and if you see something you like in the Glitter or resin section....and you buy it, remember that you'll be the only person in the world that has it as we only like to make 1 of each.

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